“It is never too late to learn from the past, live in the
present and plan for the future.”

Damien Peile
BTheol, BSW, Grad Dip Rehab St
Accredited Counsellor NALAG

With qualifications in social work, counselling and theology, Damien’s professional life has been spent assisting people find psychological and spiritual meaning in their life.

Damien has broad experience in individual and group work exploring themes of grief, loss and transition. He has recently worked in this role at Alfred Health and now works at the Carmelite Centre Melbourne. Damien is also an experienced mediator and relationship counsellor.

His work reflects his own psychological and spiritual journey addressing the questions of the meaning of life.

Counselling is for anyone who feels their quality of life could be improved or that self-esteem and self-confidence could be increased.
Sometimes it is difficult to manage this growth or change alone. Counselling can assist people see things in a different light and discover their inner resources to manage such challenges.

Many people say they are experiencing change and uncertainty in their lives, with increasing stress at home, at work and in themselves. As a result, many people have periods when they experience confusion or a need for support.

Counselling can enable these situations to be managed in a positive way.