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One recent Thursday I woke early as usual and was looking forward to a regular coffee with a couple of spiritual friends. After checking my email, I realized the catch up on that week was cancelled. The level of my disappointment made me realize how much I value and look forward to these conversations. It is an informal conversation over coffee where we share reflections about what’s happening – whether in the world around us or in our own lives. Often, we exchange info about what we’ve been reading or listening to in podcasts or watching on YouTube – but always in the context of our inner spiritual journey and prayer life. Sometimes too the experiences we share are difficult ones, but the support we receive by talking about this with each other is enormous. That’s why I was so disappointed on that day! I also find it is uplifting to hear about other people’s experience and how they go about the practice of prayer. This little group is all the more special to me as one of the people is a 90+ year old Carmelite Friar. Meeting with Matthew always reminds me of the wisdom we gain from tapping into the wealth of experience of all those years. He says a person has to have a of desire for God, needs to make room for God in their life and to recognize that however we pray, prayer is essentially God’s business.

Thank you, spiritual companions – a true grace in my life