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Recently I was reflecting on conversations with some supervisees about scripture passages relating to God’s abundance and loving presence in some life situations. This theme comes through in Luke’s Gospel which prompted me to join a reading circle this year. We are using the book written by Brendan Byrne SJ to guide us in our monthly meetings where about 8 of us meet on zoom. We read selected parts of the gospel each month and share our reflections and understanding based on Byrne’s book ‘The Hospitality of God’. I highly recommend it. it is so true that the supervision process is an occasion of God’s visitation to us in a similar way to the ministry of Jesus being a ‘divine’ visitation to the world. Hospitality in the supervision experience is important to me, to meet and embrace others in an accepting way and travel in companionship on the journey. The story of Luke’s gospel is ours too. We live in the present but look forward to creating better selves and world. A journey in the life-giving hospitality of God.